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I am a passionate innovator of technologies in the field of mobile telecommunications and IT. My passion is related to digital telecommunications from the beginning of its development in Poland beginning in 1996.

My name is Andrzej Miłkowski. Since then I have been involved in telecommunications activities and more specifically mobile telecommunications.

Ten years of experience as a manager at ERA Sp. z o.o., allowed me to learn the basics of team management. Besides people management, I also learned supplier management. The latter, i.e. running projects, contracts as well as negotiating prices and terms of these contracts, is a real battlefield. In the business ABC in the field of telecommunications cellular systems, it can be said that I won the “black belt”.

In Era, I worked practically from the beginning, creating the first GSM digital cellular network in Poland together with my colleagues from Germany (T-Mobile).

In early 2006, I moved to another company to P4 as Director of Network Planning and Service Development. I also started there until the beginning of the company’s existence. After only a year, the company became a provider of PLAY mobile services, today it is a leader in Poland.

Working at PLAY, a company that was a challenge at every step and in every category, showed me how to run a company that can become “from zero to hero”.

During 13 years of interesting and demanding work as a Director, I have gained a lot of experience. I would like to share with others, so I invite you to listen to my podcast and read blog entries.

Apart from the experience in managing people, I have gained a lot of knowledge in managing suppliers from various countries. China, America, Israel, Germany, Ireland, and France are just some of my suppliers’ countries of origin.

I can distinguish a good, reliable, and modern supplier from a hard corporation, admittedly with a good brand but poor reactivity. My observations in this matter today result in cooperation with various start-ups that are just getting to know the world of telecommunications.

I invite you to read my blog posts and listen to podcasts.

Andrzej Miłkowski

Simple and directly about telecommunication

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