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Commenting rules

Regardless of who you are and what state you have in your head, this is my blog and I ask you to follow the rules of commenting. These are not just my commenting rules, these are good practices that should be followed in all media.

Remember that you are not anonymous online. You are legally responsible for your statements that violate the personal rights of others. Your entries that violate the rules of commenting and the Regulations will be removed. And especially those that:

1. Contain threats, vulgar, obscene, hateful, aggressive, discriminatory and other content

2. They insult and depreciate other people due to their origin, profession, beliefs, religion, worldview, age, gender, or sexual orientation

3. They affect the privacy of other people, violate their dignity, personal rights, copyrights, and other rights protected by law

4. They contain accusations that are not supported by evidence in the form of findings of the prosecutor’s office or court judgments

5. They are inconsistent with the applicable law, principles of social coexistence and morality

6. They contain messages with private e-mail addresses, personal data and contact details of other people

7. In relation to other participants of the discussion, they use their surname instead of a nickname or first name

8. They are “off topic”, i.e. they do not relate to the topic of the article / blog entry or the topics covered in it

9. They contain advertising materials and links or are “chains of happiness”

10. They are written in capital letters, they are a repetition of a comment previously written (no flooding), they are an extensive quotation.

Comments on the functioning of the BLOG should be reported to the administrator to the e-mail address provided in the Contact.