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Hello. Here Andrzej Miłkowski. This page is about me, but I have also a surprising request for you.

I direct my message mainly to people who are interested in mobile telecommunications, especially 5G and IT solutions for telecommunications.

Why do I need this whole blog and podcast story? Is it all about me? Not.

Have you ever wondered what an alarm clock looks like inside?

Have you been bothered to check how it is that a car tire carries so much weight?

I hope you didn’t put your feet under a moving car…

I’ve always asked myself questions. How it’s working? How is it possible?

This desire to learn and constantly analyze technology turned into my passion.

Passion for mobile telecommunications networks.

Since 1996 I have been working for mobile operators and suppliers of mobile products.

I am a technology enthusiast and innovator in mobile telecommunications and IT.

Waste of time right?

How is this story about you?

Since you are here and reading this, would you like to know more about telecommunications?

You’ve come to the right place.

What do I know about telecommunications and how can I help you?

From 1996 to 2005 I worked at EraGSM, i.e. T-Mobile Polska.

From 2006 to 2019 (April) I worked at Play.

In both cases, I worked in technical teams to develop new technologies and deliver resources to the network. I was the manager.

Does it matter?

Of course, it does.

I learned practically everything about telecommunications systems, products, and processes. I know this world from the inside, and I can predict what will matter in the future.

What built my competence is strategic looking at new technologies and supplier management.

The latter allowed me to become proficient in creating tenders, contracts, and negotiation strategies.

In my opinion, the most important thing is what I learned while negotiating prices and terms of contracts with suppliers. It’s a real battlefield.

In the business ABC in the field of telecommunications, I earned a “black belt”.

I already have many, many millions of saved or well-spent money from my employers and new clients.

reference of Prosto i bezpośrednio, Supplier 1. About me

How do I use my knowledge of telecommunications today?

I have been a consultant since 2020.

In 2020-2021, I learned a lot about 5G technology. I read, studied, and figured out who this real 5G could be useful for.

And I came up with many solutions.

Today I sell these ideas for money.

I help clients in various areas. My clients are operators, suppliers, but also end customers through my blog and podcast.

It turns out that you too can be my client, reader, or listener.

Summary of 2022-2023. All about me in 2022 and 2023.

The year 2022 was particularly intense. This is the year in which I managed to expand the area of operation to IT teams.

In 2021, I temporarily took a job as an IT team manager. It was a difficult but very learning experience.

I worked with a team of programmers and data engineers. Both of these areas fascinated me.

It turns out that this cooperation will help me immensely in the future because the new world of 5G is based precisely on these two IT domains.

A fantastic coincidence and a great experience.

Now I especially like to look at IT in telecommunications teams. Look for synergies and a way to transform the organization of mobile operators into teams that think and act like IT.

This year 2022 has been rich in variety in many ways.

Here are just a few examples.

  1. Audit of networks of mobile operators.
  2. Fixed operator network audit. Network reliability verification. Preparation of a strategy for the development of IP technology, backbone network, and online TV.
  3. Preparation and conduct of a tender for private networks. I was choosing a product strategy, and advising on the selection of a supplier park.
  4. Preparation of the 5G Broadcast product strategy. Analysis of the solution and looking for a common part for mobile operators and terrestrial TV providers.
  5. Negotiating contracts to purchase mobile infrastructure (RAN, Open RAN, Core, Transmission, IMS, etc.). There were some of these tenders, on different continents. I am delighted with this job. In 1996, I started with the purchasing department, which is what I’ve been doing until today. In the back of my head, I always buy, bargain, and close good deals.
  6. Building processes in the IT team. Application development, and preparation of products for the B2B and B2C market.

And all this took place on three different continents.

It is interesting how the times of the terrible disease COVID-19 gave many a chance to look for work outside their own country. Do you agree?

The year 2023 was a quieter year.

I continued and completed two major consulting projects.

In the area of technology development, I spent a lot of time exploring the value of the Open RAN product.

I made a lot of interesting contacts and met several people incredibly involved in the development of Open RAN.

The most important places I visited were:

  • MWC Barcelona 2022 congress
  • Fyuz 2023 congress in Madrid, dedicated to Open RAN technology and other open systems like Open WiFi and Open transmission.

I am a unique and valuable consultant in the world of mobile telephony. A veritable braggart. Is it about me?

I am by no means a braggart and believe me, it was very difficult for me to write this headline.

I’m just an ordinary guy who just tries hard and gets involved in the tasks assigned to him.

I always set the biggest challenges for myself.

I have such a character that I deliver planned goals, and I devote most of my thoughts and actions to them.


Why do I consider myself a valuable consultant?

Because I have extensive experience working with mobile operators and telecommunications providers.

reference of Prosto i bezpośrednio, Play. About me

People with a profile similar to mine have been employed in a company for a long time or have created their own company and focused on it.

I’m not interested in that at this stage of my life.

I get much more satisfaction from learning about technology and infecting new customers with its aspects.

For 25 years I had a concrete influence on the development of technology. I led fantastic teams of people who still deal with similar tasks today. I appreciate the cooperation with many experts in my industry. Respect to all believers in this field of technology.

For most of my professional time, I was also responsible for purchasing technology from suppliers around the world. China, India, the USA, Europe, Middle East. I know many cultures of international organizations., and I can talk to these companies.

reference of Prosto i bezpośrednio, Supplier 2. About me

I can look at technology not only through technical glasses.

  • I understand how marketing works and what it expects from technology and technical teams.
  • He understands what the CFO expects.
  • I have an idea of what the future of mobile operators should look like. In my opinion, it should look different than today.
  • I have contacts here and there around the world. During my time working for cinematographers, I got to know practically all the big production companies. Then came the times of open systems and participation in TIP meetings. There I became fascinated by RAN open radio and open transmission systems. I got to know most of the new Open RAN companies when I was working for an Open RAN solution provider. In this field, companies are springing up like mushrooms in China, India, and Taiwan.

You are probably wondering how such knowledge can be used if not in a corporate position.

I also didn’t know where I belonged for months. It seemed to me that I should return to the company and follow the vision of the owners.

I thought about everything that was behind me and I looked in myself for answers to what I wanted for the future.

Ultimately, I decided that I wanted to live and work differently, and I’m very happy about that.

I consult on great projects for various clients.

I confess, quietly, that I hope this is only the beginning of this road.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.

I have a request for you.

Maybe you’ve heard of a company, mobile operator, or supplier looking for help with similar projects?

recommend me. I’d love to talk.

Your reference is valuable to me. Thanks to a referral in 2021, I carried out a project on technologies as future-oriented as I could not have imagined before. Of course, in the 5G range.

Had it not been for a colleague’s reference, I would have missed such an enriching experience.

I will tell you who can use my knowledge.

  • Suppliers. I help suggest what products mobile operators are looking for and what end customers want to use. I wouldn’t say I like off-the-shelf products. It’s a waste of potential for a supplier when he can make something that will sell. I can distinguish a good, reliable, modern supplier from a heavy, rigid corporation.
  • Mobile operators. Working at Play (probably the best organization I’ve had the pleasure of co-creating so far) allowed me to get a reference. What we have done at Play is to raise the bar by two beams. An agile operator, optimal in terms of resources, focused on modernity and sustainable development. You won’t believe how many of these experiences can be transferred to other customer organizations. Huge field for me and my colleagues from Play.
  • Negotiators. Companies on the market conduct tenders and write contracts for operators. I have experience in technical support for purchasing teams. I am up to date, I help with similar projects all the time. I know how to read offers, find hidden aspects of offers, and prepare a WIN-WIN negotiation strategy.
  • Customers. I can explain aspects of telecommunications simply and directly. I write my blogs, I manage a magazine article. I like to write. Some accuse me of too simple language. Why is this an allegation?
  • To somebody else? Or maybe there is another area of business where my knowledge can benefit someone? After all, private networks can be built by anyone. We do not even know where private 5G networks will be used.
Remember, I am asking for me, and I will surely repay you.

Your client will be satisfied and your recommendation will remain in my heart forever.

However, if you are only interested in learning the secrets of the world of telecommunications, then know that you are in the right place.

I transfer my experiences and thoughts into text in the form of a blog and podcast (in Polish).

reference of Prosto i bezpośrednio, customer. About me

I invite you to read it, and share your opinion, and participate in discussions.

My name is Andrzej Miłkowski.

I invite you.

“Simply and directly about telecommunication”

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