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Amazing 5G network monitoring that will allow you to take care of the network quality

Prompting the 5G of cellular networks is like measuring our body’s pulse

On September 30, I had the pleasure to participate in a very interesting webinar entitled: “Elastic Telco Day: 5G Observability”. I had the pleasure to present what 5G network monitoring will look like.

The Elastic company invited me to present my opinion on monitoring and collecting statistics on the 5G network. 

From the perspective of my operator experience, where I was responsible for signalling and traffic monitoring systems, preparing an idea for a similar solution in 5G networks is a fantastic challenge, so I agreed immediately.

I am working with IS-Wireless company on the first commercial 5G base station and RIC (RAN Intelligence Controller) system. We call it #5GMadebyPoland. Above all, it will be a solution based on SD-RAN technology based on the OpenRAN and TIP standards. However, we are particularly excited to be working on real-time and near-real-time radio resource management algorithms.  

At the same time, I work with Telia Carrier. I have the pleasure to learn the secrets of Java development and data engineering techniques in the DevOps team.

Therefore, thanks to these experiences, I was able to present a very interesting material showing how I see 5G network monitoring (5G observability).

In the presentation, I am talking about new challenges for mobile operators resulting from:

  • Firstly, the change in the method of creating and implementing telecommunications systems resulting from combining telecommunications solutions with IT solutions
  • Second, by introducing real-time monitoring of radio networks, thanks to the introduction of OpenRAN standards
  • And thirdly, the requirement to change the approach to building teams responsible for the development and maintenance of next-generation 5G networks.

I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t add something from myself to this presentation.

My vision of the 5G observation and analytics system, i.e. 5G network monitoring

I proposed a completely new approach to creating 4G/5G network monitoring systems called “Enriched monitoring”, but that’s not all.

I also presented an innovative idea for a “Future approach to 5G network observation and analytics”. Its is based on the extension of the NWDAF (Network Data Analytics Function) standard.

It is with great satisfaction that I invite you to watch the video recording of this webinar. 

The entire webinar can be viewed at Elastic Telco Day: 5G Observability. It is enough to register to get access to video materials. My presentation is video number two. In the upper left corner of the video viewer you can choose the order in which the videos will be played. 

If you want to download the presentation, above all click on this link: slides